Hi, I’m Federico Lanzilotta, an Agile Designer born in Italy and currently living & loving in Barcelona.

With +4 years’ experience in graphic design, us freellance and in agency, I love designs brochures, menus, business cards, responsive websites, mobile design, logotype and anything the clients needs, in short. This personal page takes a quite radical approach, featuring just a small number of logo designs, UI/UX project surrounded by across of color fully space. I speak Italian, English, Spanish and my best is a good sense of contrasts, colors and shapes.

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What can I do for you.

 Anything the client needs

Experienced With.

Design Workflow.

1. Collect Information.
2. Sketches and Wireframes.
3. Design Multiple Versions.
4. Revisions.
5. Deliver to Client.
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 I m specialized in simple, effective, user-centric design solution. Fill your sense with highlight of work, read the juicy bits about me, or find out why you should hire me.

Federico Lanzilotta

Phone: 0034 675038238